About KLoé

Welcome to Our Community

KLoé is our little wordplay on ‘Kuala Lumpur’ and ‘Chloe’, the Greek name for ‘tender, young shoot’, or ‘fresh bloom’. As the name suggests, we’re fresh, new to the scene, and will be doing things a little differently.


At KLoé, we believe that a home away from home should be a cocoon — a safe haven in an unfamiliar city, with kind people who care for you, and spaces that inspire you to explore. We do this by creating spaces that celebrate the pursuit of music, art, food, reading, and gardening.


KLoé weaves the fabric of KL’s creative spirit into every part of the hotel by showcasing furniture, ceramics and artwork from the city’s leading designers. Come stay with us, where time, kindness and inspiration meet to create moments of magic.



About Kindness of Strangers

Kindness of Strangers is a hospitality company built around the notion of offering kindness to people we don’t know, especially if you’re miles away from home. We believe that kindness is a language that can be universally understood. And so we spread kindness by creating little pockets of calm, balance and social connection.


In 2009, we dipped our toes in the world of hospitality by refurbishing a row of crumbling pre-war high-street shops into a modern, light-filled backpackers hostel, BackHome. We then cooked up LOKL Coffee, a brunch destination for the travellers exploring our historic neighbourhood.

Our ventures all share a few things in common:

We occupy buildings with character. 
We are sensitive to our environment and heritage.
We celebrate our city’s culture and creative community.
We do our best to uplift our neighbours.

10 years in, our hopes and dreams are finally coming to bloom with KLoé, a boutique hotel dedicated to KL’s creative community.